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AF1 Power Tumbling

AF1 Power Tumbling was established in 2014 on the principals of elevating the tumbling class experience. Building up both athletic abilities and self esteem. We are a full service traveling tumbling company specializing in gymnastics, cheer, and power tumbling. AF1 works with park districts, large and small High School Cheer programs. We are able to work with athletes who are just starting in competitive gymnastics, cheer or dance as well as advanced and elite level. We incorporate drills, demonstration, hands on spotting, Cheer floor tumbling, and video replay to build up the tumblers skill set. Our goal is to prepare your gymnast, cheerleader or dancer for there upcoming competitive sessions as well as out of season training. AF1 Power Tumbling is very excited to partner up with Xtreme Dance this year!

AF1 Power Tumbling instructs the following:
  • Tumbling I (Ages9-11)
  • Tumbling at the Beginner level for ages 9+

    Skills practiced in class:


    forward & backward rolls




    cartwheels (R&L)

    1-handed cartwheels

    running cartwheels & roundoffs

    dive cartwheels & aerials

    back bends

    back bend - kick over

    front & back limbers/walkovers

    dive rolls

    front handsprings


  • Tumbling (Ages 6-8)

  • Tumbling II
  • Intermediate Level Tumbling for ages 11+

    Requirements: forward & backward rolls, cartwheels, handstand, running cartwheel, running round-off, backbend, backbend kick-over, front limber

    Skills practiced in class:



    handstand (balancing & walking)

    round-off rebound

    side aerial


    front & back walkover (w/swing-through)

    partner cartwheels

    dive rolls

    double rolls

    dive-front walkovers

    front handspring

    back handspring (walkouts & continuous)

    round-off back handspring

  • Tumbling III
  • Requirements: front & back walkovers, front & back handsprings, & side aerial
    Skills practiced in class:
    front aerials
    running tumbling passes
    continuous partner cartwheels
    double rolls (forward & backward)
    headsprings (no handed & continuous)
    back tucks