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Xtreme Dance Center’s recital program is for kids ages 2 and up.  This program is for those who want to train and perform but do not want to participate in our competitive team program.  Recital Classes are highlighted in pink on our class schedule.


Styles Available:

Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Hip Hop, Break Dancing, Modern, Contemporary and Lyrical styles.   Xtreme offers other combination classes where we combine Ballet and Tap.  We also combine Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop and Tap with a class we call “Fun with dance”.  This Combination class you will switch off each week between Ballet/Jazz and Hip Hop/Tap. 



Registration is from August to January 31st.   Classes Start after Labor Day in September and end with the Summer Recital in June.   You are able to drop into any of these classes to try them and pay a drop in fee between September and January but come February the open enrollment stops.  You must be registered in a recital class by January 31st to participate in the recital.  You can enroll in a class at the start of the term or if you start mid-term we will pro-rate the tuition fee for you.  Reference the Pricing page to see our term dates.


Age Breakdown:

Pre-School - Ages 2 to 4

  • Ages 2-3
  • Ages 3-4
  • Ages 4-5

Elementary  - Ages 5 to 8

  • Ages 5-6; Kindergarten
  • Ages 7-8; 1st to 2nd Grade

Juniors - Ages 9 to 11; 3rd to 5th Grade

Teens - Ages 12 to 14; 6th to 8th Grade

Seniors - Ages 15+; High School

Adults - Ages 19+



Beginners = Level I

Beginners / Intermediate = Level I/II

Intermediate = Level II

Intermediate / Advanced = Level II/III

Advanced - Level III (All Advanced level classes are a part of the competitive program)




  • Recreational
    • Participate in our non-recital classes if you want to train but not perform.
    • Adults participate in our Beginner Adult classes.
  • Technical Training
    • Come to any of our Level I to III classes for Hip Hop, Turns, Jazz, Lyrical and Ballet for technical training.  
    • You can Drop into a class anytime during the season and pay the drop in rate.
    • Register for the term and attend the class for the season to work on your technique.
  • Competitive Dance
    • Auditions for our Competitive Company are in August
    • Season Starts in September and runs to July of the following year.
    • Visit the Competitive Team's Website for more information. www.xtremedanceforce.com
  • Beginner Teen Program
    • This program is for the dancer that is older but at the beginner level. It's never too late to start learning how to dance. We have trained many dancers from this age and level who have gone on to dance as professionals.
  • Summer Programs
    • Summer Camps - Recreational Beginner Level Dance Classes
      • Camps are a week long Monday to Friday
    • Summer Classes
    • Summer Competitive Intensive.
    • X-Factor - Intermediate / Advanced Level Hip Hop Convention
    • Thrive - Intermediate / Advanced Level Jazz Convention