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Xtreme Dance Center’s Children’s program is for kids ages 2 and up.  This beginner to intermediate level program introduces the different styles of dance to kids with age and level appropriate challenges.  Kids learn dance technique and style with others their age and level.  Xtreme offers Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Hip Hop, Break Dancing, Tumbling, Modern, Contemporary and Lyrical styles.   Xtreme offers other combination classes where we combine Ballet and Tap.  We also combine Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop and Tap with a class we call “Fun with dance”.  This Combination class you will switch off each week between Ballet/Jazz and Hip Hop/Tap. 


Registration for this program starts in August and the cutoff for open enrollment is January 31st.  The students work on a recital dance from February to June.   In addition to learning the recital dance students will work on their technique and other choreography.  The program comes to an end with the Summer Recital in June.   You are able to drop into any of these classes to try them and pay a drop in fee between September and January but come February the open enrollment stops.  You must be registered in a recital class by January 31st to participate in the recital.


We do have a few Children program classes that do not participate in the recital.  You can enroll in these classes any time throughout the year.   All recital classes are highlighted in pink on the schedule posted on our home page.   Those that are not highlighted in pink do not participate in the recital.


You can enroll in a class at the start of the term or if you start mid-term we will pro-rate the tuition fee for you.  Reference the Pricing page to see our term dates.